How to download our free screensavers

New to Read on...
Current users, please read the information at the bottom!

The free screensavers now available on Polyphonic Ringtonez are available to download via the wapsite ONLY. This means you need to connect to via your mobile phone in order to download.

Once you have found a screensaver you wish to download, take a note of the Download ID code which is clearly shown by each screensaver. Connect to our wapsite, From here, select Screensaver by ID and enter the Download ID of the screensaver you wish to download and it will offer you the option to download it.
This is a free service and requires no subscription.

NOTE: Polyphonic Ringtonez charges you nothing to download our free content. However, WAP connection charges may apply (check with you provider if you're unsure).

Used our wapsite before? Important...

Before attempting to download our screensavers, please ensure that you clear the cache on your mobile phone if you have not already done so. Otherwise you will not see the updated wap homepage with the new Screensaver by ID link. If you're new to the site and haven't visited the wapsite before then this is not necessary.